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December 27, 2014 / no comments, on User stories

Surfboards For Sale: Where To Start?

Surfing is one of those sports that once you get into it, you are totally hooked in. Whether you’re a casual weekend surfer or an all-out pro, finding the right board for you at the right price is important - you want to break waves, not the bank. Well, here we’re gonna go over some places to find your kinda board by surfing the web before you get wet. We’ll also go over some board types so you don’t get in over your head in deep water.

There are four major types of boards you’ll see. Of course there’s other variations but these are the ones most commonly found:



This is a six to seven foot, point-nosed surfboard with two to five fins also known as skegs. The shortboard is ideal for really tight maneuvering and quick movements and is probably the most popular type of surfboard. It’s been around since the inception of surfing for good reason, it’s lightweight, easy to transport but not the type of board to learn on. The only downside of this type is that unless you hit the sweetspot of a wave it’s hard to catch the surf.

Longboards, Malibus, or “Mals” are as the name would imply, a very long surfboard. Typically these are supposed to be roughly three feet longer than the surfer, have a rounded nose, and a single skeg. The key element to the longboard is it’s buoyancy, as these are designed to surf on even really small waves that a shortboard couldn’t hope to catch. The longboard is the ideal surfboard for beginners for this very reason as you can practice your balance on much more gentle waves, and easily float on them.

A big wave board, or Gun as they are usually referred to are for huge waves and competitive use. They are known for their increased length used for catching big waves and the slim style of a shortboard. Guns are extremely thin and hard, only suitable for expert surfers. Typically the most expensive main style of surfboard.

Fish boards are called such because of their look, which somewhat resembles a fish. The tail has a cut in it like a fish tail and the nose is pointed like a shortboard. A lot of surfers will tell you that these are the ones to look for when starting out but that’s not true. Fish boards work a lot like a wider shortboard and are fantastic for maneuverability, often having five fins, and a hard material makeup.

Other Types Of Surfboards
There’s a laundry list of variations and customizations people have made over the years, going all the way back to Hawaiian native peoples. Besides the main four, you might see 2+1 boards which take the length and look of a longboard but add more fins like a shortboard. These are also great for starting out. There’s the Funboards which are similar, used mainly for just (once again as the name says) having fun instead of serious surfing. There’s hybrid boards which combine long and shortboard designs as well as Mini Tankers which are for smaller bodies like kids. You’ll also see a lot of every board design made with different materials like balsa wood and different densities of fiberglass/foam.

When looking for a place to buy a surfboard your best bet is honestly not online. The connection between surfer and board is a special bond and any skilled surfer will know their specific board as well as a talented guitarist knows their instrument. Therefor, it’s ideal that you go to a surf shop, feel around for the kind of board you want, speak with the craftsman if at all possible as well.

Another advantage to buying in the flesh is that you won’t go broke on shipping. Surfboards are massive things to ship not necessarily due to weight but to their bulk and size. Surfboards don’t exactly fit in your typical box, you know? One final thing in favor of buying a surfboard in person is customization. You can buy whatever kind of leash you want, or any other accessories like bags or cases for your specific board.

Ideals aren’t always possible though, and some people live in a landlocked area where there just aren’t any surf shops available. Maybe you only surf once or twice a year when you get a vacation. If this is the case then buying a surfboard online is the only option and that’s cool, because today there’s loads of great places online to buy surf decks, fins, leashes, cases and anything else you could ever need for your surfing experience. It really just depends on where you live, or where you surf.

In Unated States, you can find a really popular surfboards for sale on Amazon. They offer two major brands, those being XPS and Encore. Encore is more budget priced and XPS is more for performance over cost. They offer short, long, fish, guns, even funboards and for a reasonable price. Really good American site to go to for beginners who don’t want to invest all that much cash.

The Boardcave is a great place to buy if you live in Australia. They ship to every state and have exceptionally good deals. Really easy to shop there, have all the major brands and styles, and offer insured shipping.

The all in one online surf dealer is probably The Surf Station, as they sell more than just boards and ship internationally for competitive rates. Easy to find what you’re looking for and they offer nearly every brand for every item imaginable from boards to wetsuits (and they have a good return policy if your wetsuit doesn’t fit which is a plus), and they also sell skateboarding gear along with surf culture apparel so it’s a great place to buy a gift for the surfer in your life.

Some Things To Remember When Looking To Buy

Here are some basic tips and advice to buying surfboards, especially online. Once again, if you can buy in person it’s the best option because you can feel the board, get a physical look around for the different brands, styles and feels of boards and gear, and not hassle with shipping. In person the only real limitation is going to be variety as online stores tend to carry more brands than one store will, and you can get deals buy buying direct from a manufacturer online. Sometimes you can even try a board out before you buy, if you live in a surf-heavy area. Think of this like test driving a car. Obviously online you can’t do any of that.

Even face to board though, you should be careful of shams. It’s rare, as surf enthusiasts tend to be laid back types and quite up front, there have been some sketchy people who will try to refurbish a used board or piece of gear and sell it for new price. If they tell you it got that ding in it on the truck, go somewhere else. Again, this is rare but use your common sense when it comes to purchases this large.

Buy a known brand of board, even if it’s a pop out foam longboard for newbies. Surfing gear is all about quality over price, because the sport can be so dangerous. Go for brands sold at more than a few shops with established names like Pyzel, Sharp Eye, Encore, Firewire, XPS, and Channel Islands. Surfboards aren’t just toys, so make sure you’re getting a quality product.

Finally, make sure you’re buying the right board for you. Just because you want to jump in and do it right doesn’t mean you should go for a Gun and hit the huge waves right away. Don’t go getting yourself hurt in the process, monetarily or physically. Start small and gentle, talk to an expert or two, take classes, read up. Get the right information before you buy a bunch of gear you might not need right away. This will save you loads in the long run of things.

All in all, buying a surfboard should be as fun as it can be, in the spirit of surfing itself. As long as you keep your wits about you, and make an informed decision, you should be okay even buying online. The keys to keep in mind are knowing what board and gear you want, what all you need, the average costs involved, and where you get the best, most honest deal you can.

Shy away from anything that seems too expensive or on the opposite side of the spectrum, too good to be true. Surfing and surf culture is alluring to say the least, and it is so because there’s a brotherhood and family to it, with a typically laid-back attitude. That being said, it’s a potentially dangerous hobby and sport and should be treated with as much respect as it is fun.

If you have questions on choosing the right type of longboard surfboards for sale, feel free to check out and don’t hesitate to contact our team at Sports Men Express for assistance.