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March 2, 2015 / no comments, on User stories

Inflatable boats and inflatable boat accessories by Newport vessels. Newport vessels give high quality inflatable boats, tenders, little fishing boats and dinghies. With over five hundred products in stock and ready to ship this mark are source of quality inflatable boats. Shop our full selection of both hard-floor and air-floor inflatable boat examples. We bring in reserve and ready to ship models ranging from 8ft 10in all the way up to 12.5 feet. Our Newport vessels can hold anywhere from 1 to 5 passengers and backup outboard motors of up to 10-20 hp ( dependent upon the model vessel).

Newport vessels have created and perfected a rigorous and meticulous manufacturing and component working system. Every inflatable boat shipped out is logged, assessed carefully and examined from the very first step of production. The production growth envelops multi-stage pressure testing, glue attachment tests, temperature probes, the hem and component stress tests and the final increase pressure tests. Planning and manufacturing inflatable sport boats has granted the design and contracted manufacturing team the valuable experience needed to shape our actual pedantic methodology. Newport vessels’ technical ability is continuing to involve and will always push the envelope of innovation within the  inflatable  boat industry.

Contact us now if you have specific inflatable boat questions or if you just want to talk to an educated and experienced boat specialist. We also advise you to visit our great collection of  frequently asked inflatable boat questions. Look for our archives of inflatable boat questions and answers by.

The small and portable 10ft inflatable sport boat can be inflated and deflated in  less than five minutes. The Santa Cruz swelled dinghy boat is perfect to use as a many-sided tender boat, fishing boat or small run about boat. The Santa Cruz has extra large tubes ( 18 inches) which makes it very stable and maneuverable at large speeds. If you are expecting speed and performance the ideal motor is the 9.9 HP outboard. You can achieve speeds of 25+ mph with this appoint. The big pressure inflatable keel allows the inflatable boat to reach maximum performance while turning and high speed.

Newport vessels  inflatables are constructed with triplicate layered 1,100 denier PVC. It means we use the identical materials used in recreational water floats. Our boats are made to be dragged up on the coast, run into docks and to carry on with the endurance of boating. This boat can function great as a simple, tender with any smaller motor and even electric trolling motors.

The 10ft Santa Cruz inflatable boat is the complete small size dinghy. Its size makes it the excellent boat to be used as a tender or to cruise around a bay or lake. It operates great and gives a stable and smooth ride at high speed. The air, ground also gives a soft footing which is facile on the back. The 10 ft Santa Cruz is facile to inflate and deflate because of the air floor compared to the wood floor examples. It’s also facile to protect when not in use because the air floor can simply be deflated and wrapped up like  the boat itself.

Apart from the performance of the 10ft Santa Cruz model inflatable boat the materials and construction used to create this boat are even more outstanding. At Newport vessels we only use the utmost quality imported PVC which makes for longer lasting and livelong boats. To go along with these materials our dinghies also use imported adhesives that are specially made to avoid chemical corrosion harm and friction breakdowns. Our original boats only use the topmost quality PVC materials and adhesives from top notch suppliers to ensure we have great performance and long lasting boats.

Every single Newport vessel’s inflatable boat goes through a rigorous quality control exam. This includes a pressure test in every chamber, leaks, UV analysis and stretch probe. These tests continue entirely manufacturing process and each boat is individually signed off according to its serial number. If the mistake is found, it is right away fixed and put through more comprehensive tests. We provided the Newport vessels project team with incredible inflatable boat design and manufacturing, technical experiences that are constantly evolving to create better and better inflatable sport boat products.

Inflatable Stand up paddle boards by Newport vessels. This board is inflatable SUP paddle board division of the San Francisco based Newport vessels mark. A few years ago, it has specified the design and manufacturing of high quality inflatable boats and marine equipment. It directly uses its years of boat build-up, boat designing and boat industry knowledge of the sport of Stand up Paddleboarding. The outcome is Umami SUP. We make practical, persistent and adorable looking inflatable stand up paddle board items.

Why purchase a Newport vessels mark inflatable boat?

Newport vessels have created and perfected careful and precise manufacturing and integral working system. The creation process involves a multistage pressure check, glue adhesion look over, temperature control, seam and component stress verify and the final 48 hour inflation pressure analyse. Designing and producing inflatable sport boats has awarded this project and contracted manufacturing team the valuable experience needed to shape our current pedantic style.

Don’t worry about board chimes, harms or cracks! The dimensions and rocker shape give all riders a strong base with maximum navigability.Designed for surf riding, cruising or any fun in the water! This stand up paddle board can be run up on the beach, hauled up onto the coast or dropped onto a dock. The board is able to become very rigid and firm while still being soft and facile.

Newport vessels products have been tested, reviewed and accepted throughout the water sports and boating communities. We follow our very dynamic and increasing customer base, that they can be completely satisfied. Purchase now our products and enjoy the gaining new experience!