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February 21, 2015 / no comments, on User stories

Find out your level and style of riding

To choose a board that is necessary for you, defining your style of riding is basic.

Freestyle: you spend most of your time in the grounds, park perfecting the next step. You choose hitting jumps, grinding rails, and pulling up along the lanes.

Free ride: you spend most of your time looking for the best lines you can discover. To spend a day riding on-trail is a wasted day – you prefer more courage and spirit, cliffs, speed and slitting big turns across the mountain.  All-mountain: you spend your time cruising the entire mountain, whether on-trail, in the terrain place or you dare to beat a path – you’re looking for absolute adaptability.

In each of these categorises Rossignol snowboards advises boards adapted to all levels, you just have to make your choice.

Choose your board shape

The shape of your board refers to both shape and global flex. The board shape designates each board’s appearance depending on the type of riding you use it for.

Twin or Directional? That is the question.

A Twin board shape is symmetrical in concept of shape, flexibility, and rocker camber profiles. The connective inserts are centered on the board. This type of shape is best matched for freestyle-oriented riding, serving an even swing weight, and creating switch riding more original when riding the park and practicing tricks.

A Directional board shape is asymmetric. The front of the board (nose) and the back of the board (tail) are various, giving the board an objective feel. Usually, the nose is longer and the binding inserts are shifted toward the tail of the board. This board shape puts down itself to all-mountain riding and speed.

Choose your board flex

First, you must understand the flex representative fraction. The board flex lies between 5 and 9; a flex close to 5 means that the board has a softer flex while 9 signifies a stiffer flex.

Softer boards can give you easier manoeuvrability, fun and forgiveness and are well suited for freestyle-oriented riding.

Stiff boards favor high-speeds, steadiness, and accuracy and are better suited for Freeride and all-mountain riding.

If you’re still not sure elect something in the middle of the flex range for maximum adaptability.

Determine your board size

It’s important to choose a board adapted to your size and weight as well as your ability and way of riding. To do this simply suggestion to the board sizing chart below:

The Rossignol snowboards Experience Magtek is a brutal bully of a snowboard. Badly starched between the bindings with fierce seven bump Magne traction bounds, the Experience grips through spins like it’s running on train trails. The Torsion Box creation and heavy duty succor along its length means sketchy snow conditions and big drops are eaten-up with little information, but the early rise tips which begin a little outside the bindings keep the Experience’s natatory and agility in thick snow. The information that the Rossignol snowboards are boards of choice which gives a good indication of what kind of rider is going to taking pleasure in riding it. We recommend the Rossignol snowboards to expert free riders who ride the steepest terrain on the gnarliest mountains. And all you need is to try to enjoy at any of your free time.

For those that aren’t climbing to reach savage lines, our snowboards make a lot more sense than any sports activity which indicates the exploratory nature of a person. Still starched, wet and certain in all snow conditions and grounds, if the Experience wasn’t on the top as the ultimate free ride snowboard, the Krypto would be. If you want to reach new experience, save yourself a seen tings, order now this miraculous item, you won’t regret it.

For the most part, snowboards that are created for the female only market lack the aggression of their male doublets. We cannot say the same about the Diva MagTek which has been built for those female riders that power through carves and shred harder than any of the men on the mountain. If riding big skips or pipe is your thing and you get kicks from taking your tricks to feature in the backcountry as much as you do laying big hand-dragging carves on corduroy, the Diva MagTek will be excellent.

Be Yourself!  Choose the best for your recreation and tell a new story! Agree to the challenge and enjoy the ride!


Mostly known for their snowboards, Rossignol has become a company occupied not just with the slopes but with everything on the outside. Actually, their task has only just recently changed from being Snowsport-specific to a Mountain Lifestyle Brand. This is a company that takes their merchandise seriously–and they’ve earned the respect of us here!

Rossignol creates some truly fantastic all-mountain boards that will take you everywhere on the mountain you wish to go. While they may not be as many-sided as other brands, they are grade all-mountain rides and more pleasurable in the park or any other suitable terrain.